16th February 2021

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A message from the GM:

2020 shook the world. Just over a year ago the rumblings of a new virus reached our shores, and we began to speculate what impact it would have on all our lives.

Leaders took alternate stances; balancing economic and social liberties with life and death. We witnessed the devasting power of nature, civil unrest and deepening socio-political divides.

Fuelled by political ambitions, the influence of the media and the power of tech giants, we debated the boundaries of free speech, censorship, and the paradox of tolerance.

All against the backdrop of the tragic COVID-19 statistics that dominate our screens.

Yet through the apparent chaos, shine the amazing stories of everyday heroes in healthcare and communities, major scientific breakthroughs to combat disease, advances in space exploration and the decline of global carbon emissions.

The story of 2020 is one of the most profound in recent history and will impact our lives forever.

For the good, the bad and everything in between, you tell these stories to inform and entertain. At Screenocean we appreciate helping you to find the right footage so you can tell them the way you do best.

We wish you all the best for a brighter 2021.

Thank you,


Our News Collections
Over 1 million licensable clips, from 1896 to present day, and we now license Reuters Pictures alongside video packages.
Thousands of hours of video footage, infographics, more than 1.2 million photographs and archive media.
A comprehensive library includes coverage of the biggest political, royal and sporting events since 2008.
Over 50 thousand licensable clips of business and market news, including interviews, analysis and infographics.
Specialising in light entertainment news with a vast range of British cultural and 'eccentric' footage, as well as human interest stories that are a little off-kilter or quirky.
South Asia's leading multimedia news agency; coverage includes news, entertainment, politics, business, sports, and science.
Austria's largest media provider, they have a rich variety of programmes consisting of current news and reports, as well as science and nature documentaries.

Don’t forget we also specialise in all genres of content including Celebrity and Entertainment! With the film industry drastically changed, this year's Award Season will look different to any other. We're taking a look back in the archive at award ceremonies from previous years; from early Academy Awards to the BAFTAs, take a look at the full collection here.

​​​It is encouraging that the crisis has brought the production community into a deeper spirit of collaboration with the aim to ride out the challenges together. The Screenocean team is here to help you. We are a global footage provider with headquarters in London, UK and sales teams based in New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Johannesburg. We specialise in rare and inspiring footage and imagery and will work with you to find the clips you are looking for, as well as suggesting alternatives to ignite your inspiration and make the unfindable, findable.
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